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Watch out- true story

“Where’s the knife so I can stab him in the other leg?!” Those were the exact words of one family’s pastor! He had been called because this exemplary family who were his congregants seem to be in trouble that warranted a visit from the Police. And the police who were called because of an altercation agreed with the pastor and thankfully he was more tempered!
The woman was sobbing uncontrollably. She was obviously very distressed and upset and the neighbours had called the police to intervene when they heard the husband screaming in pain and the neighbours, though they highly regarded the family for their Christian lifestyle, feared something serious and unusual was happening.

The woman had stabbed the husband in the leg in anger when he confessed. She couldn’t believe what he had done.
She was looking forward to their move away from the neighbourhood where they had lived for many years to a much nicer and upmarket part of the city. She hoped it would be a much safer environment to raise their children.
They had been saving money over time and it was just enough to complete the move.
Then one evening, he went to a church service and ‘sowed’ all that money; put in a cheque for the whole amount they had saved to move! He came to tell the wife and she went berserk; she went ballistic and who could blame her?!!
That’s why she stabbed him and their pastor agreed with her; and the police didn’t arrest her, they refused to charge her for assault or GBH; instead they begged her to calm down. Their pastor who told us the story, didn’t go into details, but we were certain that the church returned the money to them.

You’ll agree with me that he was a foolish man; totally misguided!

I’ve heard stories of students not so fortunate who put their entire school fees, their rent monies into the offering bowls after listening to some sweet-talking ‘pastors’ and who are merely motivational speakers! They will motivate you to give the shirt off your back or hand over your baby’s formula milk!

And there are many such stories. It’s like a Ponzi scheme; a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors; give to God and He will be obliged to give you back many folds.

The Christ said, “*It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs” *(Matthew 15:26) – in short, don’t give food meant for the children for another purpose!
“He…supplies seed to the sower and bread for food” (2 Corinthians 9:10).
It’s saying, a seed is for sowing and not for eating and bread is for eating and not for sowing; use the resources you’re given for the right purposes!

God expects us to be sensible and not to be blackmailed or misled by charlatan ‘prosperity’ gospel preachers.

I am not saying God cannot ask you to give or sow but make sure you heard Him clearly and rightly.
Be careful

By Sam Ajulo @ Molemude

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