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JYellowL : The Nigerian artist with an aligned vision to give back

Hip Hop music has always been present and influential on the streets of Nigeria since the late 80s and early 90s. With the then likes of KRS-One, Kurtis Blow, Public Enemy,  EPMD and many more hitting our radio waves creating a novel music mind-set, many teenagers and young adults all took part in singing and or rapping verses from their favourite rap songs at the time creating a new level of relationship between both cultures and individuals.

The early 90s, in particular, saw the original inflow of new genres of rap music from the likes of New Jack Swing, Gang-star Rap, G-Funk era down to Hard-core rap and fast tongue-twisting style raps, all these various styles hit the street of Nigeria hard, big-time, creating a tsunami of creativity that swept over the streets of Benin City in particular at the time paving ways for new forms of expressions on the streets and new levels of social engagement like underground rap battles and concerts, even high school performance rap shows.

It has always been a natural thing for young people to get together and freestyle and rap on the street corners so it is not really a surprise when one of these young people excels in their technique and decides he or she wants to build an encouraging career from this.

In Nigeria today the talents that we have musically is unbelievable and one can align with that purely based on the vast about of diverse music that we churn out on a regular basis almost weekly. The creativity in the music can be witnessed and appreciated but fundamentally there is a feeling that we still have a lot of work to do in view of pushing these content or rather creating content that can go mainstream from the get-go.

Rap music is the preferred music used as a tool for many teenagers to empower and express themselves and their creativity so when we witness an artist take the lead on that it is only proper to decipher the brilliance, share and appreciate their creativity.

Jean-Luc Uddoh who goes by the stage name JYellowL is a Nigerian rapper based in Ireland who has taken rap music to a level that can be seen as nothing short of inspiring for many of his peers and to many others who harbour similar dreams.

Growing up in Benin City, Edo State, JYellowL has always kept a level of hope alive and was ready for when opportunity meets his preparedness. His journey from early childhood to being a hip hop icon is an emotional success story filled with nuggets of hope, brilliance and character.

Many teenage boys and girls have dreams of making it big in the rap game and in Nigeria but only a hand full ever make it to get local radio airplay let alone international mainstream audience. The issue has never been a short of talent from Nigeria, rather it is the full understanding of the process which includes dedication, approval, support and encouragement from parents, family and even society in view of unlocking and expressing the natural creativity that many of these young artists possess. That understanding seems to be collectively missing when a rising talent seemingly emerges from within our streets and or household.

JYellowL has indeed set the pace for many young artists in Nigeria who love rap music and want to have various levels of success within that space both at home and abroad. The ability to freestyle, rap and construct metaphorical verses to hit the mainstream is one that requires a lot of hard work, patience, support and vision. In the rapper JYellowL you will find a personification of these attributes and an individual humble to the core and ready to enlighten folks on this journey to musically mastery from a very young age.

There has never been a doubt that we have the talents and ability to make mainstream records especially rap music on the highest level but we know we have always been faced with levels of economical uncertainty which needs to be addressed as opportunities of creativity instead of brushing these economical challenges aside and settling for mediocre productions and promoting baseless noises.

JyellowL’s uniqueness in view of musical delivery can be seen as a bright light in a music world where many songs these days seem to lack the essence of morality and are laced with levels of profanity and obscenity in their videos simply for the commercial appease instead of inspirational and entertainment value. His songs like Oh Lawd expresses how living simple could be a key to happiness and in Asylum and hit track Ozone you will be exposed to his lyrical brilliance and articulated delivery style.

Growing up in Benin City, Edo stae, JYellowL is still in full contact with peers from nursery and primary school in Nigeria and he is currently exploring multiple ways to cascade his knowledge and experience to assist young upcoming rappers in Nigeria to aid with their musical journey.

The goodness of life comes to those who believe and the believe is that if anyone can hold a dream and push with the right focus, support and courage then the sky literally is the limit when it comes to creativity.

From the streets of Benin city to sell-out crowds in UK and Ireland to hit song on FIFA20 gaming soundtrack, JYellowL has proven again to us all that nothing is impossible if you have the ability and right mindset regardless of where you are coming from. We have a new leader emerging in the hip hop rap world and it is key that we recognise the realness of his talent and push to embrace and appreciate the messages embedded in his lyrics.

“Distance yourself from negative energy and unsolicited opinions in order to create YOUR OWN space” – Jean-Luc.

A new leader emerges in JYellowL

Click here to watch a chat with JYellowL

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