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I Want A Vintage Jaguar

vintage jaguar

Why the vintage Jaguar,  why i want to get one?

No obvious reason. 

 Just  some “fetish”. 

And not just the  Jaguar XJ12.  An english bulldog too. that’s all i desire. lol. The way some people want a Ferrari, and others cute PRADA or Louis Vitton bag,  and others holidays somewhere exotic. I don’t just want just any Jaguar. i want  a vintage model, like the 1990  XJ12 … twelve cylinders.  

Otherwise i see no purpose in having or driving a car. i can do without cars. they don’t appeal to me. and i can do without pets too, though i like animals.  

Yes, perhaps i can learn to like other animals,  but right now, the only one i want is rhe English bulldog. 

only two things can turn my head in a busy street,  i.e, the jaguar XJ12, maybe the xj6 too, or any of the 1980s series – limo, but 4 doors + sunroof,  and an English bulldog.  i also like the  “White Siberian”. But the English bulldog is the one after my heart. 

The English bulldog is just like  me, …it is big, strong, reliable and obstinate …averse to being told what to do, by anyone (self willed and holds a very high opinion of itself…like, “I’m someone special…”).

yes too, of course, i also love  ❤️ the Citreone D Super.  i always wanted and still love that exquisite work of art. it still turns my head in a street,  any hour of the day. 

But there are very few of them around. and they cost a fortune. i remember one day in paris, in 1995, i saw a gold coloured one driving slowly down (you know in such a car, theres no need to speed up or play music loudly, and you dress properly). 

Behind its wheel was a big,  fat man of jealousy!. A grand Habana cigar he chewed, underneath his fedora. debonair! He must have seen my appreaciation of his car. he drove by me ever so slowly, and smiled 😃… i should say, he beamed, and nodded his head up and down, thrice, like a lizard. 

you see, people who drive such cars are so cool. they know you know what’s good and in a healthy and respectful way, they salute you for having une “poco de gracias”…some culture, cultivation… you will never see anyone in a range rover, or ferrari or lamboughini do that. Gawd,  ill never be seen in such ugly class, for “wannabes “. I’d rather never buy a car than settle for less. Such level of bad taste.


a beautiful Sunday evening would be one that i see myself driving down a lane in the countryside,  the warm evening sun shining through my sun roof as i cruise leisurely down the forested street, some ragtag music, preferably Scott Joplin’s “Entertainer” filtering down the car’s stereo – speaker,  and my English bulldog in sun glasses (goggles) sitting in the front passenger’s seat, savouring the scenery and good music…my vision of paradise.

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