Thursday, 01 December, 2022


Change Begins With You

The slogan, CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU, is common in our nation, Nigeria today. I paused to ponder on its true meaning and came up with a lot of revelations.

People talk about the problems that plague our nation today and trace it to the attitude of the ‘powers-that-be.’

Let’s pause and ask this question.


I think the answer is quite simple.

In the beginning, God created man and woman, blessed them, told them to go forth and produce children in a Godly family. So the family is where people originate from.

So when we chant, CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU what we are saying is that WE (the citizens of Nigeria) are supposed to join hands together to bring positive change to our nation.

The Bible asks us to bring up children in the RIGHT WAY that they should go, so that when they grow up to become the POWERS-THAT-BE, they will not depart from that right way.

But what is the scenario today?

When parents tell their children to say to a visitor, ‘My daddy or My mummy is not at home,’ while they are peeping from a corner of the house and laughing, they are teaching that child that TELLING LIES IS NO BIG DEAL.

When parents are afraid to discipline their children because they don’t want to hurt them, they are raising children who will ‘HURT THE NATION’ IN FUTURE WITH THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE ACTS.

When parents watch their children call caregivers, security guards, drivers by their first names and even refer to them as my house girl, my gateman, my driver and they say nothing, they are encouraging those children to DISRESPECT ELDERS. I cannot forget in a hurry the ‘great lesson’ my dad gave me in that regard.

When a teacher corrects a child in school and the parents go there to make trouble because they are paying exorbitant fees and want to control the school proprietor, they are encouraging children to believe that they can DO WHATEVER THEY WANT BECAUSE they have money.

When parents pay people to write examinations for their children and make them ‘specially corrupt’ by putting them in SPECIAL CENTRES, they are churning out the NEXT GENERATION OF CORRUPT LEADERS.

Can we see how change begins with us?


My parting shot….

When children (both those below eighteen years of age and those that are full grown adults) refuse to walk in the path that their parents taught them to follow and decide to become irresponsible, they are FIGHTING AGAINST THE CHANGE THAT WILL CHANGE OUR NATION.

So, what is your decision today?

Will you be the change you want to see in our great nation, Nigeria?


Become the change you want to see, around you.

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