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The Nigerian Emotional-Intelligence ambassador directing the Global Health resources

The appointment of Mrs. Adesuwa Ogiamien-Adesotoye by the United States President Joe Biden as the new Director for the Office of Global Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) did not come as a surprise to many. As though it is a befitting appointment to a hard-working individual, and loving mother and wife, however, it is her experiences, achievement, and passion that have gained her the right to be acknowledged, appointed, and highlighted by the president in this regard. Mounting praises from Nigeria and many Nigerians alike, it is an inspiring case of from humble beginning comes great things.


Mrs. Adesuwa Ogiamien-Adesotoye is a system thinker who uses this approach to view collective problems as part of a wider, dynamic system. Her process of understanding how things influence one another as part of a whole is matched by her passion as an emotional intelligence public health development professional. She is a talented and proven leader in stakeholder engagement, coordination, and relationship management across various sectors in the health industry for maximum impact.

Mrs. Ogiamien-Adesotoye, took the oath of office in Washington, DC on Monday, March 1 as the director, Office of Global Health Resources and Services Administration in the Department of Health and Human Services. Her appointment is a recognition and acceptance of the positive roles Nigerians in diaspora have contributed to the development of the United States of America and also in full recognition of the effort she has passionately put into helping others develop and grow with empathy. All through her career, she has always been blessed with a good mind-set to help, assist and support public and government health initiatives, organizations’ concerns and also encourages people with individual struggles. Lending a hand where and when needed and providing valuable nuggets of knowledge-transfer and information to help better a given situation, is one way Adesuwa gives back.

It is easy to forget, what a trailblazer the young Aday was now that she has earned a well-deserved position of profound responsibility, authority and drawn level with world health leaders. She has always being a champion in emotional affairs from racism, health, Africa matters, to women equality. Many times we find those that who have achieved massive success seems to be more like superheroes than real-life people. This is far from the truth as everyone including those we admire for inspiration all has a starting point in their career. In this case, Mrs. Adesuwa attended her primary and secondary schools in the ancient city of Benin, in Nigeria, and was always “a keen and very bright student” in her secondary school years at the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), a close friend re-iterates. Her associates refer to her as a very intelligent leader and her assertiveness to knowledge acquisition from her early schooling years in Nigeria presents itself as a testimony to her continuous development. So, no real surprise here. Always one to be passionate about learning, she holds a doctorate degree in Health Information System from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Her professional works and personal achievements including being are PhD, MA, MPH, are not limited to..

  • Director, Office of Global Health
  • Director, PEPFAR Program Management
  • Associate Director, PEPFAR Clinical Services, Tarzana Treatment Centers
  • Senior Supervisor, Program Development Department, Tarzana Treatment Centers
  • Affiliated leaders positions and works with Harbor-UCLA Pediatrics

In view of benevolent progress, she has been known to deliver leadership, through global action, to improve linkages, foster interconnections and facilitate mutual exchanges of expertise that strengthen health systems to ultimately improve and safeguard the health of Americans. She recently worked for Chemonics International as the Managing Director of Program Strategy and Growth in the Global Health Division, where she was responsible for strategic planning and visioning for the growth of the Global Health portfolio through external engagements with key partners and stakeholders and leaders alike.

Dr. Aday enjoys setting goals and driving progress toward those goals for herself and for others. Aday as she is generally called takes pride in helping others succeed and looks for opportunities to mentor and coach others to demonstrable achievable success while applying emotional intelligence as a key success attribute. In addition, she is highly skilled and decorated in projects and financial management, grants/contracts, staff management, data for decision making, and proposal design, consistently demonstrating strategic agility to adapt quickly to changing priorities and complex situations.

Dr. Aday had also worked for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine in support of the U.S. Military HIV Research Program, where she served as the Executive Director of Global Health Programs in Tanzania, providing overall strategic leadership, program implementation management, and fiduciary oversight of two President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief/Department of Defense (DOD) funded comprehensive HIV programs. She was also co-Principal Investigator on several DOD-funded implementation sciences and research protocols, reviewing outcomes and findings to inform program implementation in real-time. She directed a diverse team of expatriates and host country nationals with a staff strength of more than 300, ensuring a conducive work environment to strengthen and deliver high-quality services to military and civilian populations across Tanzania.

Harnessing two decades of experience working with United States Agency for International Development, Centers for Disease Control, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and other entities serving vulnerable populations. Dr. Aday remains highly skilled in program management and leadership and fostering sustainable and effective relationships with key stakeholders at home and with host country Government officials. She has lived in Tanzania and Nigeria and has traveled extensively for work across twelve countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Eastern and Southern Africa. A key lover of the arts and music, Dr Aday plays the guitar and holds a Master’s degrees in African Studies and Public Health, as well as a PhD in Health Policy and Management.

In congratulating Dr Aday on her novel appointment, we acknowledge her leadership qualities, family values and fear of God, as major factors that serve as alignment principled for many others to emulate.

Congratulation on your new role Dr. Aday, looking forward to your exemplary leadership in serving as a desirable role model.


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me” – Ayn Rand

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