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A Lovely Women’s Day Tale


There is a rhythm in the writer’s song, the wit in the writer’s tale that the listeners and readers cannot see from the melody of the music and the rhythm of the narrative. Some call it the story behind the glory and others depict it as the scars in the stars.
There is a writer whose tale was forged in the fires of indelible experiences but who stands apart from the furnace, with the shine of fine gold and ready to tell a tale of a journey of many miles that have led to a divine destination.

This writer was raised in a family of six and took her place as the firstborn of that family, so she is no stranger to playing leadership roles. In the city of Benin in southern Nigeria, she started this journey from the cradle.
With choice educational pursuits at Emotan Primary School, Federal Government Girls’ College, and the University of Benin, this lady seemed planted in the soil of the legendary Benin Kingdom of artifacts and rich cultural antecedents.
But she was eager to spread her wings and take trips into lands yet undiscovered. After a one-year youth service program in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria, at the defunct Gamji Bank, which was later acquired by Oceanic Bank, she dived into a new adventure.
To the commercial city of Lagos, she came, with a pen in hand and a heart full of dreams. At the doorstep of Hints Magazine, she stood, poised to display her talents in the field of writing. She stayed true to that calling for a while but soon took a detour, back to the place where it started.
This time it was Asaba, the capital of Delta State, at the campus of the Delta State University, where she worked as an Administrative staff in the Registry Department for a few years. When the allure of a new dream became too strong, she took another adventurous trip, back to the city of Lagos, which seemed to pull her like a magnet.

Armed with a new dream to become the next music sensation and a Nollywood celebrity, she walked the streets of Lagos with her demo cassette and raw acting talent, fuelled by positive comments from those who had seen her sing and act.
The passion paled when the loud sounds of rejection deafened her. As highly creative a talent as she was, she was also unique and that world then had no place for her.

Disappointed, she buried her dreams and took up a job as administrative staff of Oceanic Bank Limited. More like a medley of her youth service days and the Delta State sojourn. During her sojourn at the bank, she ventured into the world of advertising, taking the APCON(Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria) examinations, and emerging best graduating student of the year, carting away seventeen out of the thirty-four awards given during the graduation ceremony –  a feat that was highly celebrated and is yet to be equaled.

Desirous to have a master’s degree and explore the media world which she hungered to be a part of, she registered for a course at Pan Atlantic University and emerged with a well-earned degree at the end of the part-time program.

Her dance with the banking industry ended when there was a restructuring exercise at Oceanic Bank, which later merged with Eco Bank. Like the prodigal son who came to himself, she looked beyond the realms of survival that a day job promised, to the rich fields of fulfillment that she would luxuriate in if she pursued her forgotten dreams. And thus, she picked up her dreams from the debris of despair and keyed into the strength of Divinity, who plays the tunes of her destiny. She took stock of her talents and created a brand as the ACE Professional. The ‘A’ is the Author in her, with several, published, critically acclaimed works and who still is pregnant and birthing stories that her reading audience eagerly eats up.

She is the Communication Coach, represented by the ‘C’ in the ace, whose teaching abilities were polished from the days when her dad of blessed memory made her read books and make presentations to the family, to her roles as leader of departments within her local church assembly. The ‘E’ in the brand statement is the place she has taken as an Editor of manuscripts of other writers, preparing them for publication. Her attention to detail is a skill that has worked in her favor and several flawlessly edited manuscripts have flowed through her dexterous hands.

This ACE Professional is the founder of a company called Touch of Gold Media, which handles training, book publications, book editing, and creative writing services. The dream has remained on the front burner, as she renders services to her growing list of satisfied clients.
Ten years and still counting, she still brings the touch of gold to many manuscripts; she still delivers success to those who seek mastery of the English grammar and writing and for all seasons, still churns out her own creative works.

She has earned the tag of The Tale Weaver, because of her ability to create a tale out of anything and send her readers spinning into a dizzying world of creativity, gasping for breath and yearning for more creative lines. She has earned other titles as she displays her writing ability. Some call her the Weeping Pen because her writings draw out strong emotional responses; because she writes in a way that connects and resonates with people. To others, she is the Golden Pen because her words have a priceless impact on her readers. Many call her Writometer, because she is a prolific writer, writing frequently on almost every aspect of human existence.

She is a writer who uses her pen as a pulpit to preach the salvation message online, as she does offline. Her friends on Facebook, members of the social media writing groups she belongs to, and her WhatsApp contacts have become a critical part of her reading audience, often the first partakers of her new idea, article, or story.
In the various social media groups she belongs to, the members look forward to their birthdays. She has mastered the act of creating dazzling birthday tributes that make the recipients’ hearts glow with delight. She pens creative articles that many have described as impactful, inspiring, inspirational, and in many other glowing adjectives.

Her students have great tales to tell about her teaching skills. Many who could hardly string words together write brilliantly after their writing sessions, and the students who take her English grammar lessons, move from failure spots to top grades.
True existence is rooted in impact and she is one lady who has made an impact on the world through her writings. She is a prolific writer who has allowed the talent given to her by divinity to grow into amazing dimensions. Her writing ability manifests in fifteen different creative expressions of poetry, screenplays, stage plays, Christian literature, short stories, novels, textbooks, non–fiction books, proverbs, riddles &wisdom verses, documentaries, articles(creative essays), songs, operas, children’s literature, and teenage fiction.

This writer’s tale will not be complete if the writer’s published works are not listed. This writer of note has published eight books, in hard copy and eBook formats. Five of them, the motivational books – Pearls are not for Pigs and Footprints of Note and three novels, Letter to Thilda, Wind of Change, and Song at Sunrise, are in hard copy formats and three of them, a memoir titled The Ship of Dreams, a collection of short stories titled Tales of Our Time Volume One and a selection of creative articles titled Spring of Life Book One, are in eBook formats. She has over one hundred and still counting, manuscripts, that will soon be published, to enrich the minds of humanity.

Resourceful and dynamic, unique and outstanding, a pacesetter forging her way through to excellence, dancing to the beats of her creativity and treading the path of divinity, our writer par excellence and entrepreneur extraordinaire is Ify Omeni, a graduate of English and Literature from the University of Benin and holder of a master’s degree in Media and Communication from Pan Atlantic University, Lagos.

For her, the impact of the pen is indeed mightier than the sword and every day, this extraordinary woman sets out to prove that.

“The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world. – Charles Malik

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