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One of the most exciting things you can do online these days is to engage about your country on all social platforms. As a Nigerian, I find it very intriguing to engage with fellow Africans and especially Nigerians about the great “to be” country. Nearly there no rush, yes it is at the moment “to be”.  As long we decide to continue to highlight the love that binds us.

This level of excitement is somewhat different in view of the current climate within the country. The frustration is still there, the pain is still there, the anger is still there, but most importantly the joy and hope are still there too in the midst of the Corona crisis.
We find it very exciting because who understand digital transformation and its perks, it is so easy to see how these digital engagement platforms have exposed so many things we failed to capture before until now, the main one being our ability to interact with each other passionately.

I am sure by now one or two of you belong to at least one WhatsApp group that never sleeps. ps; if you do and you have not already, please just do the needful and mute it for one year, for health reasons, as this too can be stressful when adapting to new norms.

On a positive note ( which we love being) you look at how our engagements with each other have increased and improved, I mean we have already made and can make so much more friends online these days that all you really have to do is to join a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group and before you know it you are a member of a unique circle of friends discussing a common goal or simply just having a good time online. Perfectly normal I would say.

Lately, we discussed with an individual who told us about a friend who he has not seen for over a decade, they were old secondary school mates and clearly he was not a Facebook user, but via WhatsApp ( another digital platform) they were able to meet up, have a drink and now they are potential partners in a non-governmental health transformation initiative that could go on for years.

I think sometimes we do not really appreciate what is happening to us in view of transformation, we seem to take for granted the fact that we literally have the world in our hands, considering that we are constantly being informed by the second about current affairs regardless of where we are via our mobile.

Therefore harnessing this level of communication must be on the agenda in the minds of any potential Nigerian digital industrialist who can foresee and leverage of the birth of this new wave of progress.

Let’s take it to another level, Africans have a lot of energy to engage, especially Nigerians when we have a couple of locally brewed beverages present to bless an occasion with, and by God we do know how to bless these occasions with our talkings. I mean just the other day we were on a call with an old friends from back home, he lives in New York now, and we were talking about some progressive issues relating to diasporic business opportunities.

At some point, we touched on Nigeria and I can categorically tell you that the next 30minutes went as though it was five minutes, we had to stop ourselves short, and he reiterated the fact that we both know if we continue talking about Nigeria we will be here for another 3hrs.

These unique unadulterated level of passion can clearly be seen in beer parlours back home, pubs in the UK, bars in USA, at under the tree gatherings in villages, in the lecture halls at universities , break out areas in offices and even subtle unexpected invited occasions like in a one year old kid’s party, basically as long as you have a few Nigerians together, at some point there will be a decision made by one of us to talk about the country, and this is the kind of passion we are witnessing on a global scale online now and it is on the rise.

The expressive nature of this passion we have for our country is all now too apparent on social media that anyone who is into Big Data and or understands its volume, velocity and variety cannot simply ignore the rate at which these online engagements are happening cross border.

I guess in the end, it all boils down to the value and the relevance of the social content that one gets from it all, as we progressively and positively exchange words for words, banter for banter, hope for hope, love for love and passion for passion as Nigerians.

“If we please you tell others, if not tell us”.

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