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The University on the Right Side of History

The University of Lagos appoints a new Vice-Chancellor and she is a genius.

Prof. Folasade Ogunsola is a Professor of Clinical Microbiology, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. Her researches are centered around the diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance. The professor has been involved in raising awareness on Infection Control in Nigeria for a long time and she is also a founding member of the Nigerian Society for Infection Control that has assisted in rolling out up infection control programs in institutions around the country.

Prior to her historical appointment as being the first woman to hold that position, she is also the principal investigator at AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN) at the University of Lagos and has been the chairman of the Infection Control Committee of Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Adding to her excellent accolades she chairs the National Association of Colleges of Medicine in Nigeria and a member of the Global Infection Prevention and Control Network and has a strong interest in the application of Infection Control principles for the prevention of disease transmission and antimicrobial resistance in low resource settings.

In 2018, she expressed concern about disease prevention and control in Nigeria. She identified poor hygiene and overuse of antibiotics as practices that foster antimicrobial-drug resistance.

In providing a solution, she maintained that “sustained Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) infrastructure and programs should be built around a set of core components which include guidelines, training, surveillance, multimodal strategies for implementing IPC, monitoring, and evaluation among others”. The professor also went on to say, “the solution to reducing the 58% unemployment rate was for Nigerian graduates to begin innovating ideas that will enhance human life”. She also noted that knowledge isn’t sufficient, but its application in an appropriate manner to better mankind and enhance the livelihood of others is what youths should be concerned about.

As a child, the young Folashade mimicked medical practitioners by using dolls as patients, while offering medical care to them. Between 1974–82, Ogunsola obtained her first degree from the University of Ife.  She got a master’s degree from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, then proceeded for her doctorate at the University of Wales between 1992–97.

Last year the Professor gave a talk to the Association of African Universities while they where celebrating academic mentors.    WATCH

This historical appointment of Prof. Folashade as the Vice-Chancellor of the Unversity of Lagos is a landmark for our country in view of diversity and inclusion.

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