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A life of high and positive impact does not necessarily mean a life of financial and economic strength, power or great possessions. While the pursuit of self-actualization may not earn you quick financial returns, it will give you fulfilment from within and earn you an uncommon goodwill from those you directly and indirectly impact. It would earn you a living that meets beyond personal needs, and help you to support the needs of others. And that’s extra fulfilment.

The physical life of Jesus was one in which he had to live outside himself. To meet his needs, he had to reach out from external sources: when he had to pay tax, when he had to ride on an ass, when he had to eat the Supper, when he had to feed 5000; and even in death, when he had to be buried, his grave was provided. He exhibited all through that a man’s life doesn’t consist of the abundance of what he has.

Yet, all of the human race put together, cannot inch close to the impact he has on mankind and creation. Can you imagine the kind of impact you can have if you let go? His influence on the entire human race is yet unsurpassed by any one “super-human being” or an aggregate of minds.

The question of some of the greatest minds that the world has seen has often played around my thoughts. It’s often being a wonder for me that some, if not many of those men and women, neither actually had access to great wealth nor did they amass to themselves stupendous or even reasonable wealth.

Yet, a list of the greatest names in the Hall of Fame of world achievers cannot possibly be complete without them: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Van Gogh, Beethoven Van Ludwig, Michael Faraday, Christopher Columbus, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Dan Bricklin, Gary Kildal, Joseph

Swan/Humphrey Davy, Edwin Armstrong, Antonio Meucci, Johannes Gutenberg, Charles Goodyear, Nikola Tesla and more.

Were these men financially rich in their lifetime? No! Were they influential? Yes! Did their ideas, creativity and innovation mean impact to the world? Of course! Were they celebrated or disputed against in their lifetime? Yes and No! These questions hold the aces in the treatment of this issue.

One thing is sure though: the world after these men benefits more from their inventions than they did; and this trend continues to date. Obviously settled too within the minds of these men was a settled purpose and something that called to them from within and that exactly was what they hearkened to, actualized and lived for.

Author: Joseph Ayeni


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