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Your many failures will help to define and find [discover] you, if you persist sincerely. Life is full of trials and quite often when we pursue certain goals in life, we are denied but we must not quit because quitters never win. Remember that we all failed when we took our first step? Every child fell the first time they attempted walking; and many times afterwards.

The crux of this quote is that if we are sincere in our pursuits, if what we seek holds divine purpose and has anything to do with the welfare of those around us, we must stay focused despite setbacks. Setbacks are only temporary and if we persist on the cause, we shall soon attain what we seek.

The sincerity of pursuits is driven by those things we persuasively envision and strongly desire, such that they keep us awake and on our toes till we drive or pursue them to attainment; regardless of the setbacks that come with the pursuit.

Each time we “fail” or experience a setback, we draw closer to our goal; we learn a new thing; we know more about ourselves and the cause that we are pursuing because failure is education. Each step we take towards that goal, we discover ourselves afresh, we know our strengths and weaknesses and we are defined more clearly.

Trials and setbacks open us up for practical assessments and preparation for the lift. Remember Abraham Lincoln? The Lincoln story is a perfect illustration of Angela Morgan’s poem “When Nature Wants a Man;” for he that Nature will make, she will first break him, albeit to pieces. If nature will promote, it will first demote and take one through rigours and drills, like gold through fire.

To the inexperienced in the issues of life, such a person is seen as a failure; oblivious of the fact that such a vessel is being toughened and prepared for impact and for that reason must go through the School of Hard Knocks like Napoleon Hill puts it.

Unfortunately, many of us are not just interested or ready for the enduring lessons that life teaches us to toughen us and place us on the right footing for impact. We see others who have attained success but have no idea what their story or experience is. All we are interested in is their success [often some spurious money spinning tricks].

Can you imagine what a Potter has to pass the clay through to forge an enduringly beautiful and special vessel? The lump of clay has to go through much mashing and disfiguring like plasticine, wax or putty, including heating it up with fire to make it a great product in the end. This process is often one of pain – rising, falling, and breaking to pieces, remoulding, recasting and much more.

Pain is gain because trials, challenges, difficulties and problems bring us to an expected end. A life without pain is a fantasy. Failure causes pain but acceptance shores up your self-confidence and puts you on the road to recovery again; and each experience of rising and falling is a golden nugget of wisdom packaged to position you for greater glory.

Failure being education is the learning rope you require to maintain equilibrium after you have ascended the ladder of loneliness because it is indeed lonely up there. No quick fixes endure. Each step of the way, we learn the ropes, we acquire the expertise to better apply to the next stage. Delay isn’t denial; it’s just preparation.

Author: Joseph Ayeni

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