Monday, 23 May, 2022


Competent Leadership

We in Nigeria are not ‘accounting’ savvy (my opinion). Most people’s wealth simply does not add up, particularly that of Government officials, past and present.

If a governor departs the office much richer than he went in, he has abused his office (He is either a crook or condones crooks through bribery and corruption). Unfortunately, because of the bad example set by previous leaders, it is now the norm such that Nigerians would laugh at you if you were a ‘governor’ and end up not being mega-rich. The governorship (as an example and metaphor for the position of responsibility) has become synonymous with corruption and not performance.

Thus most, if not all governors are corrupt. If they are not corrupt (am I yet to find one that is not), they are also probably incompetent (a bigger problem for me). The state of the nation shows differing levels of incompetency.

We need leaders that are competent and not corrupt.

We must not excuse corruption (ok, this matter is shades of grey, so practically small corruption is possibly permissible and unavoidable, but should not be condoned), but we must not excuse incompetence at all. We must measure all potential leaders against a corruption and competency lens. If the test is not passed, and any potential leader does not actively discuss these points, then they are probably both corrupt and incompetent (the worst of both worlds).

A competent leader will be ‘competently’ corrupt (the next best thing since corruption is now endemic in Nigeria until it is stamped out). What I mean by that is that he/she will re-invest the proceeds of corruption in Nigeria and prosper the local economy and can positively deflect the corruption – not those who transfer our commonwealth to foreign countries.

Emmanuel Aluko – Chartered Financial Analyst.

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