Thursday, 01 December, 2022


Building Nigeria

A new concept is sweeping the nation of Nigeria. Amidst the supposed challenges, there are Nigerians who strive to make the nation great. Good people who seek to better the polity by creating awareness and opportunities to see the nation differently.

This is a New Nigerian.( See Our definition of a New Nigerian).

The newnigerian and Travel without plastic are happy to associate with a Lady trying to deliver a vision for the riverine areas of Rivers State. A vision that sees those areas cleaned of pollution and turned into attractive tourist destinations. This not only helps to clean the environment, but will also bring jobs and well needed funds from the tourism industry.

Post covid pandemic, we hope that the initiative is continually developed and Nigerians are able to key in for the nations benefit.

Thank you Ibinabo Feberesima. The people of Rivers State should join the conversation and help to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. thenewnigerian will align and support this initiative and we hope we can provide more details to the people soon. Watch out for this.

3 comments on “Building Nigeria


Great initiative. We need to start thinking about cleaning our environment.


Great initiative….clean environment….!


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