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Aces in the Diaspora

Life in the diaspora can be challenging but yet steadfast and rewarding for many Nigerians out in the diaspora. However, these challenges are not necessarily negative as most individuals in the diaspora understand that at some point the knowledge from these challenges would serve as exemplary valuable nuggets of information to the would-be diasporan currently preparing for life outside Nigeria and there are many.
Story of hardships, tales of luxury, and narratives of streets paved with gold are among many underlining stories told to the would-be diasporan about life in the diaspora. Most times the agonising stories of late-night studies, hardworking, researching, and self-discipline tweaks are often missed out in these conversations, where as these are the stories that form the building block for the character of the typical Nigerian in the diaspora, who like many of their contemporaries out there have soared to unimaginable heights irrespective of their country of abode.
Life in the diaspora can only be experienced by living in the diaspora, these experiences mostly lead to success stories, based on activities, institutions, community structures and events systematically set up for the individual who is willing to achieve and work hard in the diaspora to achieve.
Nigerians in the diaspora come with various expertise and have a myriad of high-level job titles to their names. One of which is a highly skilled member of the frontline leadership team of London Underground Limited, who is a talented professional at improving team performance through innovative management concepts and technology-driven solutions. Richard George is an avid catalyst for change and is a subject matter expert in organisational structure and its management.
His career prowess ranges from London Underground Limited where he currently leads a team of over 25+ specialists. Richard was also the Duty Manager Trains & Stations for London Underground/Transport for London,and an operational training specialist on Network Operational Learning. Alongside that, Mr. George is a member of the governing council Ambrose Alli University and a Board of Trustee Member, Alumni. He is also a member of Hussey College Warri Worldwide Reunion Committee, all in view of encouraging and ensuring the ongoing alignment with Nigeria and its overarching diasporan resources are in accordance with collective cultural values we share.
Richard holds an impressive track record of academic achievements with a Masters in Managing Consultancy and Organisational Change from the University of London, Birkbeck College, and a NEBOSH Certificate in Health & Safety Management from London’s Regents College. He has affiliated membership as a Technician Member with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health in the UK and an Associate Member of the Chartered Management Institute (Acmi) the UK
He attained a post-graduate diploma in Management Studies from Thames Valley University and has a BA in English and Literary Studies from Bendel State University, Ekpoma, Nigeria

Mr. Richard George is a mentor and a passionate advocate for educational support programmes to be activated within the diaspora and rolled out to institutions and communities within Nigeria to assist with educating.
Life in the diaspora can be a challenge and indeed can be steadfast too. Nigerians pushing for the unification of people, shared resources, initiatives, and ideas from the diaspora that can assist with economic growth in Nigeria are guaranteed to receive valuable insights from Richard George’s overarching experiences both professionally and personally.

Richard is currently working on multiple ongoing projects to assist with state government engagement reforms and has a collection of diaspora support initiative packaged to be launched soon to provide top class mentoring service to students in Nigeria.

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