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The phrase, a woman of many parts, is a fitting description for her. She is a skilled lady who has a long list of accolades attached to her name. Her career path was carved from her higher education days, when she acquired a Higher National Diploma in agricultural economics and extension, from the Lagos State School of Science and Technology. She spiced up this certificate with a post graduate diploma in education from Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto. The business aspect of her career was moulded at the Business School of Netherlands, where she got her Master’s in business administration.

This distinguished lady has put these three academic qualifications to use. She is an entrepreneur who set up her company, Midels Global Venture in 1994. Her business skills have been chanelled to V and M International Limited, where she is the chief operating officer and Tridok Nigeria Limited where she is the managing director. Creativity, innovativeness, critical business thinking ability, exceptional people management and sales development are qualities that are an integral part of this exceptional woman’s makeup. Her areas of expertise are training and development, agro-processing, crowd farming agro-marketing, online reselling franchise and brand grocery shop development.

Her agricultural qualification became the baseline for the creation of the Village Market Multipurpose Society and her affiliation to several agricultural associations like the Watermelon Cucumber Stakeholders Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

Armed with her educational skills and her love for education, this lady has set up schools, young farmers club, Agro master classes and Agrepreneurship Academy Awards like Appreciation Award from the Business/Career Forum in 2012, Excellence in Enterprise Management and Sustainability at the TEEIN Awards 2018, have been given to this woman, as a reward for her hard work.

This lady is a trustee and secretary of Ladies Affair Initiative, a women employment NGO, an ambassador extraordinaire of the Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Initiative of Nigeria(TEEIN) and sits on the board of the Bola Adeboye Foundation as executive director.

The organisations were created to champion the cause of women, youth entrepreneurship, community health care improvement and the stimulation of the entrepreneurial instinct of the African child. This is a pointer to her humane nature and her desire to see people excel in their chosen fields.

This notable lady, Olanrewaju Aderemi Sanni-Banjo, this woman of many parts who has excelled in her career, is a freelance writer who has a column titled Food Matters, in The Roots Magazine and lives in Lagos.

Mrs Aderemi, a champion in the marketplace, has set a standard for excellence and there is hope that many will blaze the trail and display competence and excellence in their careers.


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