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USOSA a call for Unity in Diversity

There is a clarion call, a call for Unity in Diversity.

Come to think of it, there was an experiment where integration was simulated and tried. I assure you that this yielded fruit. Fruit which has not been harnessed. Fruit which has not been plucked and so has not impacted on our populace.

However, as with all things, it is only a matter of time and the time is now. The call is to all alumni both in Nigeria and in Diaspora to bridge the gap and pay back dividend to Nigeria.

Enter The Unity Schools Old Students association (USOSA), an organisation tasked with the realisation of this diversity. USOSA will advance the cause of unity, strength, stability and progress of Nigeria through QUALITY education while creating a community of old students of unity
schools and positively impacting their lives.
The vision is to be the most influential body in policy formulation in
the educational sector and governance and top 3 most relevant union in the life of our alumni.
The Strategic Objectives are to Articulate and promote USOSA’s view on quality education, Achieve 100% membership of the OSAs in 3-5 years, Engage constructively with Government and other stakeholders.
USOSA aims to drive mobilization through interest groups and achieve creative and sustainable funding for the body.

A few of the goals are attaining full membership, re-energizing through OSA dev & mentoring programs, Members Welfare schemes, Finance, Financial Accountability & Transparency, Governance, Constitutional Review & Amendment, Retool Secretariat, Advocacy and Engage NA, FME and Sustain Press engagement.

The New Nigerian is proud to be associated with USOSA to drive the narrative. PRO-UNITATE. A CLARION CALL

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About time


One love….one agenda….not too young to rule….!


Unity in diversity is what our country requires right now


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