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I went to visit a friend who lost her mother. As she busied herself preparing food for the family, her husband asked me a question and he looked very shocked at my answer. My answer was to determine the television channel he would tune for me to watch.
His DSTV package did not have that channel and he expressed surprise at my choice. He felt women had a particular programme choice – romantic movies. It seemed strange to him that a lady would be interested in my choice of television programme.
I am like most ladies. I love romantic movies. I write romantic Christian fiction, so it is a field I have great interest in. Though my interest does not end with that class of movies. It spans to another type of movies and television programmes that appeal more to the masculine gender.
I love these programmes because of the twists and turns, suspense, intrigue and hair-raising excitement.

Those who read my writings know how much I love to shock my readers. I don’t like pedestrian and predictable story lines and titles. I believe my unpredictable trait draws me to this type of television programme. As my fascination for crime series and programmes which appeal more to the masculine gender grew, I settled for the Investigation Discovery series on DSTV, which beyond being entertaining, has given me a lot of creative ideas.
I noticed something as I watched each episode and series on that channel. I was not too pleased at first because my discovery was a contradiction of my love for something else.

I noticed that the American convicted criminals or prisoners wear an unusual uniform. I call it unusual because I feel it looks too posh to be used to clothe criminals. The criminals wear an orange suit which makes them stand out wherever they go. Those who escape from prisons in that country have to ditch the uniform because they would be recognised immediately.


I love the colour, orange. My house is a generous splash of that colour in various shades so I was not happy the first time I saw the orange suit. However, that is the colour code for American prisoners and many in that country have come to associate the colour ‘orange’ with nefarious activities. It’s common to hear an American family member say to a criminal who killed a loved one, ‘I can’t wait to see you wear an orange suit.’
But not every American wears an orange prison suit!
Each time I watch that discovery series and see the number of crimes perpetrated, the level of evil, psychopathic behaviour, and gross disregard for human life, I am appalled and speechless. When I see how often these crimes occur, I wonder if it is safe to live in that country that is usually described in such glowing terms. In a particular year, there were at least 400 homicides in Philadelphia, which made people call it Homicide City. All those killings in one year? Awful!
When I see the number of graves that are dug there, I wonder if there is still enough space for the living to dwell in.
Yet, not every American wears an orange prison suit…
Nigerians may get involved in drugs and other illegal activities outside the country. They may swindle a lot of people and appear to be too lazy to do legitimate work.

Yet, not every Nigerian has an aspiration to be on the FBI’S most wanted list.
For every Ted Bundy(who was said to have the mind of a monster)JJ Holmes, BTK, John Wayne Gacy – The killer clown(whose sister donated his brain to scientists who examined it to find out what made him such a psychopath)and other notorious American serial killers, there is an evangelical Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, the business magnate and entrepreneur Bill Gates and all others who have demonstrated the truth that NOT EVERY AMERICAN WEARS AN ORANGE SUIT.

For every Valentine Iro, Izuchukwu Kingsley, and their Nigerian cohorts who grace the FBI’s list, there is a hardworking Nigerian who braves the odds to survive where there is so much discouragement; an honest cleaner, security guard who returns hard currency rather than takes it, despite earning a meagre salary; a Philip Emeagwali who is blazing the trail; a Chimamanda Adiche who has become a force to be reckoned with in the American nation; the super-talented Imafidon family; the remarkable Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, first female and first African director of the World Trade Organisation and many other diligent Nigerians.
There is you, me……There are many Nigerians who have decided to enthrone hard work and dethrone laziness and corruption; people who have decided to become agents of real change and influence the Nigerian nation positively, in their little corners.
Not every Nigerian aspires to wear an American orange prison suit…

Some Nigerians may have stained the green white green flag with inappropriate acts, smeared the blood of the innocent across the green passports and rubbed the dignity of the nation in the mud. But there is a larger population.

Flaunting Orange 2021- Lagos, Nigeria

There is that William Okagbue, the security guard who returned $10000, Corporal Bashir Ahmed, the Airforce Corporal who returned 37,000 euros, Josephine Agwu, an airport cleaner who returned $6,000, Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbonago, another security guard who returned $10, 000 and many others like them who have spat in the face of corruption.
Like a mother who still washes a child that has been smeared in its own waste and smiles lovingly at the child, a father who scolds a child with one hand and pulls that same child closer with the other hand; like the mentor who believes in a protégée that has fallen several times and is too discouraged to try, I STILL BELIEVE IN NIGERIA.
I am a citizen of a nation that many in the world try to condemn, yet cannot totally disdain, for many Nigerians reside in several nations of the world and in diaspora, contributing positively to build those economies.
NOT EVERY NIGERIA WILL GRACE THE FBI LIST, just as not every American wears an orange prison suit.
I (The Tale Weaver) am proudly Nigerian; excited to fly the green white green flag; grateful to God that I am a citizen of such a great nation, aptly tagged The Giant of Africa.

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