Wednesday, 18 May, 2022




Taking part in the TNN mentoring programme and initiatives can provide students in Nigeria with an excellent vocation and education support service and opportunity to enhance their creative and life skills.

In addition to giving back to your local communities, Student Mentors gain core and employability skills in the role through increased engagement with their course mentors.

TNN Outreach will be seeking for undergraduate students to work as student mentors on a variety of programmes such as: working with young people from a local nursery, primary and secondary schools and their families; working with senior pupils and college students considering vocational study and supporting current TNN community tailored

Student Mentors act as role models and TNN ambassadors ( within Nigeria and from the Diaspora), delivering a wide range of vacation activities to increase the confidence, core skills and life-long learning aspirations of young people and help students with the transition to enhance vocation education and knowledge acquisition.