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Improving Education in Nigeria

GAMSU – Improving Education in Nigeria

Gamaliel & Susan Onosode Foundation (GAMSU) is a not-for-profit and non-political organization incorporated in May 2013 to foster the success of the Nigerian Child, through innovative, flexible learning opportunities while providing the enabling environment.

The Foundation’s objectives include the promotion and support of educational institutions and programs espoused by faith based or government organizations in Nigeria. GAMSU was founded by Mr. Gamaliel Onosode of blessed memory, whose unwavering love for education birthed a Foundation aimed at improving the lives of children and youths, particularly the underprivileged in need of skills, funds and access to realise their hopes of a better future through qualitative education.

By developing organically, “one student, one school and one community at a time”, with the Nigerian Child as the centre and stimulus for better education, progress and success, the Gamaliel & Susan Onosode Foundation is touching and impacting young Nigerian lives and will continue on the path of its founder’s vision towards the attainment of general excellence of education in Nigeria.
Noting that many children from poorer communities are continuously unable to learn effectively due to infrastructural defects in schools. Academic performances are affected when children do not have learning spaces that improve mental ability to assimilate and utilise knowledge.

The foundation is committed to creating safe and enabling spaces for children to learn, and for teachers to teach effectively. An enabling environment improves the possibility of students and teachers in reaching their full potential.

GAMSU have the underlying commitment towards a consistent contribution to the promotion of quality education in Nigeria, and to foster the success of the Nigerian child through creative and innovative opportunities for learning and development.

GAMSU are committed to building or renovating classrooms to help teachers and students reach their maximum learning and teaching potentials. This is done with Government approval every year.
Their pilot intervention was a reconstruction of a block of three classrooms servicing over four hundred students and twenty teachers in Obele.

A new staff room was also constructed for the teachers. This lead to a special appreciation award from the Lagos State Education District IV.
In 2019, after getting approval to raise funds for its rehabilitation, there was the intervention at the Olomu Community Junior Secondary School located in Ajah, Lagos Education District 111.
The foundation aim to improve public school education by building new classrooms that help both teachers and students maximise teaching and learning experiences.
Through research, the foundation aim to improve educational systems and to provide resources to help institutions improve the existing body of knowledge.
GAMSU encourages learners and education providers to strive for the best by providing a reward system with various scholarships and awards in the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Gamsu relies on the extraordinary passion of a vibrant and talented workforce in order to achieve its objectives.
Mrs Toyin Olanrewaju is the Chief Operations Officer and a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Ado-Ekiti.  An alumna of the Social Sector Management programme of the Enterprise Development programme (Pan Atlantic University), and alumna of the Non-Profit Leadership  Management Programme of the Lagos Business School.
Other members of the board include,Mr Spencer Onosode, Mr Ese Onosode Mr J Moyo Ajekigbe (OFR Chairman),Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Mr Alfred Okiogun and also includes Ms Evelyn Oputu and professor Mahmood Yaku.

The GAMSU program is a great initiative and a worthy cause supporting and helping in the orientation and development of education in Nigeria with focus on the Nigerian child.
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