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David’s Daily 3

Davids Daily 3

David’s Daily 3 – I often have over 500 things in my head all screaming for attention and immediate solution.

 You cannot imagine how upset with myself I am now. I have been sitting in front of my desktops since 11pm, trying to find an answer to an annoying problem of how to transpose a long audio interview with an ambassador I  interviewed three or so weeks ago into texts in french, so that i can translate them into English, reconstruct the interview in proper English and publish.

 I spent the entire night trying to configure my desktop imac to record the interview from its file in the system. So i could have google doc grab the audio for transcription, since my operating system erased the “stereo mix” software originally installed in the system.

 I dont use Windows, and Apple is wonderfully wicked in terms of restrictions. After I  finally found an app that could do the job, i.e. “Blackhole”, guess what?

i couldn’t get the audio playout from “screencapture”. I  just found out why this was so, twebty seconds ago, as i am writing now. Good to be writing you. Do you know why?

Because i extracted the file used from a folder in my desktop. I should have grabbed it from the browser, like YouTube!!!

So what i did was to go back to google doc, go to tools, and use the record speech app.

Then I played parts of the interview on the external speakers of the computer, much to the anger of my flatmate.

Though configured in French, the ambassador’s speech was poorly transcribed by the app. but no problem.

i framed the questions, and i dont need to be fluent in french to understand what he said. it’s like mathematics, if you know what i mean. I am conversational with all the issues raised in the interview. And I chaperoned him towards the answers i wanted. it is delicate though. a mortal sin to misrepresent an entire country.

This is a job I was prepared for, even as an eight year old processing information on a wider world.

 Books, magazines, political journals, daily newspapers devoured, and unending hours spent monitoring International affairs on radio and TV was more than enough preparation for life in the mix of politics and political reporting. Not to mention education in history and political studies.

 Though i wish someone in my family was witty enough to employ language teachers for me to learn to speak french, spanish, portuguese, russian, arabic, etc. You see how a man’s opportunity is limited by circumstances of his birth and fools around him in childhood? Folks with little imagination.

God knows that if I had such an opportunity, I would be president of some country by now, or the political under Secretary of the United Nations Secretary General at least, by now!!! Lol, but with just English, i stand on one leg, anywhere i am.

No matter what new language i learn now, I  would never be more than 5% as good, as i am in English. So, why speak any other language with the fluency of an uneducated fool?

Anyway, i am happy i found another solution to something i promised myself i would fix one day.

 On zoom and other conferences, the initiator is the only one able to record. With “Blackhole”, i found a solution to grab and record anything on my screen. Football matches, music concerts, the news, video conferences, anything on Facebook etc, audio and video.

And i am sure you know of google doc voice recorder and transcriber already. With which you can dictate texts in your preferred language and have whatever you say transcribed into.

 But your phonetics must be good. if you mispronounce, then you will confuse it. and your speed must be of standard.

Now I go to bed. Of the 10 things i had planned to do tonight, i couldn’t even finish a single one. I am  not at all happy.


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