Wednesday, 18 May, 2022


A TNN Podcast with Dr Bernard Ezigbo

A graduate of the University of Nigeria, Dr Ezigbo left Nigeria in 1998 and worked in Trinidad as a medical officer.
He progressively moved and worked in Brooklyn, NY from 2003 and gained his Fellowship in Mayo Clinic in 2010.
Dr Bernard is a critical care specialist,
who manages critically ill patients, and caters for people who need to be on ventilators, and are recovering from septic shock.
During the peak of the pandemic in the United States in 2020, he was one of those gallant medical doctors who were on the front line for COVID19 alongside other brave health workers and ER Physicians putting their lives out there to save others and preserve lives.
Dr Ezigbo has a passion for educating fellow Nigerians and is constantly involved in dialogues geared toward elevating the quality of the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

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