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A Nigerian artists setting the pace for creative explosion- ANOTHERSOLO ARTIST

Anenita Aletor is a self-taught Nigerian artist born in Benin City, Nigeria.
She earned a bachelor degree in Banking and finance from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma and is a certified Aesthetician and holistic therapist from the United Kingdom, she is a mother of three amazing and equally artistic kids and employed in corporate finance and accounting in the oil and gas industry

Her zest for life is fueled by her constant state of gratitude to God almighty, and passion for Family and the strive for excellent living through positivity and creativity.

Born into an artistic family with a linage of artists to the family, it is not a surprise with respect to the outcome of what she has become today. One might say it’s genetic because its an ability, as a trait you will find amidst her own children, siblings, their children, her cousins and relatives and can trace this as far back to her late grandmother a ceramist, her dad with his artistic skill in the medical illustration on human anatomy, and most of all her mother who lectured fine and applied art at the University of Benin and has produced several remarkable works overtime till date. She has been a great guide and mentor

“I would therefore say I was born into a studio because my first and earliest childhood memories are those from the times I will be found alone in my mum’s studio in awe of her works, process and tools. Even before I could barely read I was exposed to books on the art history of which I found the roman and greek art most intriguing and I always looked forward to Sunday discussions with my dad over pictures and write-ups I had seen in our history books, journals, collection of encyclopedias, and the guinness book of records in our family library”.

She was privileged to participate as a representative of her state and country in a lot of sociocultural youth programs locally and internationally which contributed to mindset change, awareness, passion, appreciation and curiosity for art and humanities which she since become an ambassador for the arts.

She had always had the support of family, high school friends …of course particularly her mother knowing her abilities earnestly tried convincing her to pursue a career in both performance and visual art.

Going forward, the experience from her years in corporate finance and entrepreneurship whilst understudying Art and the business of Art has provided her with encouraging insights in her recent endeavours.

Initially her works had always been about her expressing herself by communicating a message on how she sees the world, “so I found that most times and quite often at a given time it relates to people in a certain type of way.
Based on my research and observation of art trend and appreciation in Nigeria, she tend towards a more contemporary and generic approach at creating pieces for the global scope that resonates with any human at a glance not restricting my self to a certain location, type or class of people or style of which she believe is in tune with the Nigerian dream as we strive to meet up with the rest of the world in this discourse in terms of technology, information, development and financial power” she says.

The Nigerian Art business seems to strive better in more cosmopolitan regions which have a larger number of individuals or organizations that strive for a better standard of living after somewhat economic stability like Lagos which has a growing number of vibrant creatives and Art hubs as compared to rural or economically challenged regions with a lesser appreciation of the art unless its functional or is a religious or traditional relic.

However, there is a lot of prospect in the Nigerian art which goes beyond depending on commissioning, collectors, galleries and curators if the Nigerian Government harnesses on aspects such Sustainable development geared towards tourism, Art Education and skill development and export.

By – Anothersolo Artist

As far as being an artist is concerned, the turning point for her was when she made that decision to take the bold step at embracing the brush which she had abandoned for over 18 years. It all started with doubts hence the reason for the brand name AnotherSoloartist and the ideology behind her project.

She had been in the business of creativity while at university since her first job as a costume creator and makeup artist for school carnivals and pageants.
Her career as a Visual Artist/Speciality Drawings, painting mixed media started in the year 2018 inspired her further

In view of achievements, Anehita has had major oversees successes and engagements and participated in and hosted exhibitions globally.

Founder of the Solo Artist Collaboration, a platform to showcase and encourage other talents and self-taught artist like herself who have diverted to other professions

She is a committee member of the Charly Boy Foundation for creatives in prison and reformatory centres and has had an impressive number of art deals and commissioning done and delivered since 2015.

The current series she is working on is the Untold Story series and the Joker Series to be exhibited in Sept 2020. She showcases and promotes works of artists and hosts private art classes for children and teens.

The most recent of these are included below but not limited to.

Costume and creative contributor for Igue Festival Carnival and Pageantry 2013

Exhibition at the solo artist collaboration art tour …Lagos Nigeria 2018

Props and costume design and production Nollywood Nigeria 2019 Lagos

Art Salon at the Bridgewater Manor New Jersey the United States 2018

Art Exhibition at Irie Vibes Event for Cervical Cancer Awareness Lagos May 2019

Art Exhibition for the National Festival for Arts Edo 2019 NAFEST. Benin city

Stage Performance…live Art ..

The Lagos Fringe Festival and Irie Vibes for Cervical cancer awareness in November 2019

The solo artist collaboration 2020 was meant to hold in United kingdom but had to be postponed till further notice due to the COVID 19 pandemic

The upcoming exhibitions of her recent works and projects titled – THE UNTOLD STORY SERIES AND THE JOKER SERIES.

Joker Series – by Another Solo Artist

Most of her works and processes are featured on her website and Instagram as @anothersoloartist

My advise first and foremost is to practice gratitude to your divine creator. At a stage in my life, I really wanted to be like everyone else because my interests and eccentricity made me feel like an oddball until I made the decision to brace myself and my abilities.

Reasons like this have left many short-changed without discovering themselves, the knowledge of their gifts and uniqueness and enjoying their full potential… it’s never too late or too early to get back in line.

My mantra has always been
To thy own self be true
To thy own self be kind
Gratitude and Positivity

By being true to your self keeps you in tune with your purpose and in alignment with all you need to achieve your goal. Being true to yourself narrows and redirects your thoughts and focus toward identifying and receiving the necessary resources and people needed for your chosen path.

Anehita Aletor (AnotherSoloArtist)

Her next Scheduled Exhibition in for Sept 2020

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