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A leader in competence and frameworks

The Nigerian Professor Charles Egbu is the current Vice-Chancellor of Leeds Trinity University.

Professor Egbu will return to Leeds, a city in which he studied and taught, to begin his new role on 1st November 2020 making it a novel appointment for the professor.

His previous appointments and achievements highlights his applications of years of focus, experience and drive.
With more than 25 years’ experience in higher education, Professor Egbu was previously Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Experience at the University of East London
and was Dean of the School of Built Environment and Architecture at London South Bank University.

He was the head of the School of Built Environment at the University of Salford, and held academic posts at University College London, Glasgow Caledonian University and Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan).

These achievement points to the fact that hardwork and a level of focus is what is needed in view of progressive academical achievement.
Professor Egbu’s research interests focus on project management, construction management and sustainable development, making him a top asset in the Nigeria UK diaspora community resouce armoury.

Besides his academical prowess, the professor has a few publications under his name and is a mentor and a pace setter for many aspiring Nigerians to thrive in the UK.
He is also a regular contributor to quality publications and opinion columns and has more than 350 entry publications in various international journals and conferences globally.

He also served as chair of professional standards and knowledge at for the Association for Project Management and has worked closely with many professional and industry bodies in the areas of training and competence frameworks.

He has a doctorate in construction project management from the University of Salford. As UEL’s pro vice-chancellor (education and experience), Professor Egbu leads on ‘Future Graduate’ strategic objectives involving student participation, progression, academic experience and achievement.

“I work with young people closely the Professor once said, They are flexible and dynamic. They are smart and focused. They have great powers of empathy. But they won’t stick with something if there’s no motivation to do so, the educational journey itself is a stressful one, Professor Charles said. No wonder that they are putting such high emphasis on working with organisations who understand the importance of mental health. We in construction talk a lot about resilience of our built environment. Flood resilience, earthquake resilience. And we talk about creating more resilient companies. Let’s also talk about the resilience of our people.”

The professor has a strong links with many educationsl industries, many professional bodies and policy makers, and has managed several large multi-disciplinary research projects to date.

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